e-volution: human talent and payroll software

Managing human talent at the highest level
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Skills Management Based

It's an skill model tool that the organization can adopt to suit its need

Process automation

Reduce costs and time in the managing of human talent


Implemented in the public sector, bank, industrial, petroleum sector, services, commercial, pharmaceutical


Complies with the requirements of law and taxes from several countries

e-volution, is an application that simplifies and automates processes and activities related to personnel management.

117.000 Employees

Are managed monthly through the e-volution software for people management

More than 130 Customers

e-volution has been installed in more than 130 national and international customers

37 Modules

e-volution counts with a variety of modules for the different tasks of HR departments

"Human Resources isn't a thing we do. It's the thing that runs our business." Steve Wynn

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